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Overcoming Exercise Excuses

But first, coffee...

I have seen that phrase on shirts, mugs and I think even a newborn onesie!

Now, don't get me wrong, there isn't ANYTHING wrong with a good cup of coffee to start the day, but I think we can sometimes use that "but" concept as a way to sit on our butT rather than getting up and getting moving.

In fact, just this morning I had a run in with my but. I got up at my usual 5AM to get a workout in and started looking around the house and noticed so much that NEEDED to be done. Dishes in the sink, laundry in the dryer, toys ALL OVER the house. Sound familiar? I needed to workout BUT there were other things that needed to be done first.

Well, guess what I did?

(This is where you think I'm going to tell you about how I worked out and then had more energy to get the house clean and now my whole day is perfect.)

I skipped the workout to "do it later" and cleaned the house.

I regret it.


I gave in to my but only to have 4 million more buts to contend with as the day goes on. Grading, planning, organizing, grocery shopping, and even getting this blog post and newsletter out are keeping me from doing what I planned to do later.

And...I feel like crap. Total crap. I didn't follow my routine and my day didn't fall into place like it would have otherwise. I KNOW this. Deep in my heart I KNOW this. When I workout I see so many personal benefits:

- I feel better outside and in.

- I communicate better with my spouse.

- I am patient with my child.

- I smile more.

- I laugh more.

- I crave food that is good for me.

- I am excited about tasks instead of dreading them.

- I get my work done more effeciently.

What about you? I challenge you to make a list like I did. What changes when you stick to your workout routine regularly. Dig deep and even write down the silly stuff. Then, keep that list in front of you!

I'll tell you one thing, I'm not skipping my workout again anytime soon! I am a better person to myself, my family and my friends when I take time for ME before I take time for my BUT.

Guess what? I have bonus content for you!

I sat down the other day with Lauren George (you check out how awesome she is here) and talked about everything having to do with overcoming your exercise excuses. It was incredible! Watch, like and share and be an inspiration to your friends and family by STICKING to your workout routine.

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