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Living the Mom Life

Hi! My name is Gretchen Gegg and I am a mentor in Mom Mastery University.

To me, motherhood didn't get off to a rocking start.  I felt like I lost myself and was floundering.  I needed direction and didn't know where to turn.  Then I discovered MMU! 


MMU is a place for moms to create abundant, productive, and joyful lives. With faith-based training and friendly support, we have the formula for total mom success.

Whatever the challenge, MMU has the solution.

Start here! This 8-week intensive will help you identify what is lying beneath the surface of your mom struggles, give you the tools to overcome them and set you on a path to JOY in motherhood. This program runs quarterly in January, April, July & October.  Catching me in an off-month? Read on...

Mom brain is real...BUT we don’t have to

Don't have 8 weeks to commit? What about 21 DAYS?? The Mom Fog Challenge is for you!

Do you have more than 2 tasks on your “to do” list that you have avoided?

Have you missed deadlines in the past 3 months because you forgot about them?

Do you have more than one load of laundry waiting to be folded?

Have you ever “zoned out” when your children were talking to you?

Do you exercise less than 2 times per week because you’re too busy or exhausted?

Have you ever felt angry or sad for no apparent reason?

If you answered YES to any of these...jump in the challenge today!

This faith-based streaming service brings you over 750+ courses (featuring interviews with people like Chalene Johnson, Nicole Walters, Gary Chapman, Drenda Keesee, Terri Savelle Foy, Kelly Copeland and SO MANY MORE), faith trainings and coachings from Hannah Keeley, America's #1 mom coach!

Enrollement begins with a 90 day challenge in the area of your choosing. After 90 days you can choose to continue taking challenges and earn your spot in the CREST CLUB by completing all 6!  Take advantage of enrollment bonuses like the Home Business Extreme, Buck-a-meal bootcamp, the Real Food for Real Life cookbook and more.  Plus you get my mentor services and discounts on my courses for FREE!

Did you know that you could become a professional mentor to other women?

Yes, that is a REAL thing!  

In fact, it was what I had always dreamed of doing, but didn't know how.  Hannah Keeley has designed a program that gives you everything you need to start your business from home today.  Join hundreds of women (myself included) who are doing just that!

Questions? Click here and fire away!